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The Worthy and the Willful

Roxanna Raine was going through the motions. Too afraid to live her life . . . that was until now.

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The Lost and the Scarred

Book 1

A thrilling start to the Kingston City Limits Series. She was searching for a place to call home. He was seeking revenge . . .


Small Town Forbidden Romance

A teenage girl with no hope and nothing to lose. A high school coach who will sacrifice everything to save her - even from herself.

√ Age Gap

√ Coming of Age

√ Standalone

√ Angsty and Emotional

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T. Marie writes heart-shattering, angsty, and unpredictable romance novels.  Her characters are strong, intense, and painfully real. Some might even say they are a bit bratty. T. Marie began writing at the tender age of seven and hasn't looked back. Believe it or not, her first story was a rockstar romance. Way before they became a thing. Currently, she is writing many, many books with small-town bad boys and the girls that rein them in.

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